2004 Wimbledon Championships WTA Women's Singles Results-- Maria Sharapova, Champion


  WTA June 21-July 4 The Championships

Wimbledon GBR Grand Slam
128 players - outdoor: grass
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# 3 Anastasia Myskina
# 8 Venus Williams
# 4 Amelie Mauresmo
# 10 Serena Williams
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#15 Maria Sharapova
6'0", 130 lbs, RH, 2H-BH
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17 years, 2 months: 2nd youngest
"open" AELTC champ (after Hingis, 1997)
  Yes, she can topspin lob:
    On Saturday at Wimbledon, after Federer defeated Grosjean and Roddick defeated Ancic in the rain-delayed men's semis, 13th-seeded 17-year-old # 15 Maria Sharapova of Russia won the 2004 Wimbledon title, defeating top-seeded # 10 Serena Williams of the US 6-1, 6-4 (Maria is shown during the match and with the world's most desired pizza pan).
    In the 1st set, Maria served first and started strong, winning points when Serena could not return her serve. Serena looked solid in holding her first service game also. Maria held a second time, then broke Serena to go to 3-1. Although she won the break, Maria did not really dominate that game, but afterward her confidence increased and she started controlling points, moving Serena back and forth on the baseline, a sight seldom seen. Maria held to go up 4-1, then went up 15-40 on Serena's serve. Serena fought back to deuce, and fended off one more break point, then Maria took the 4th break point with a cross-court winner. Maria now held a 5-1 lead.

    The 7th game was the longest of the match. Serving for the set, Maria fell behind 15-40 with a couple of unforced errors. She saved the first break point with a net cord winner, then hit a good unreturnable serve to bring it to deuce. Another unforced error gave Serena another break point, but another good serve made it deuce again. The score then alternated between set point and deuce until Maria hit another serve Serena could not handle on the 4th set point, taking the 1st set 6-1.

    In the 1st game of the 2nd set, Maria had Serena running again, but Serena held. Maria held also, hitting her 1st ace of the match at 40-40, then following it with a serve and volley winner. At 1-1, Serena held easily. In the 4th game, Maria started struggling on her 1st serve, hitting many of them into the net. She still held, bringing it to 2-2. Serena then held at love, her serve looking very strong, and broke Maria in the 5th game as Sharapova still struggled with her 1st serve. This made the score Maria 2, Serena 4, and it looked like a 3-set match. But it was not to be. Maria broke back immediately, to trail 3-4, on serve.

    In the 8th game of the set, the question was whether Maria could get her 1st serve back on track. Maria started off with a service winner, then she double-faulted to make it 15-15. Another good 1st serve was followed by a brief rally which neither player dominated, ending when Serena hit a crosscourt forehand error wide. At 30-15, Maria fired another good first serve. Serena's topspin return landed just in and bounced very high. Maria, off balance, hit a forehand back to Serena, who plastered one into the corner that Maria could only dump back short. This brought Serena to the net, clearly controlling the point. On her way in she hit the ball to the opposite corner, and Maria scurried over to it. Maria hit a running backhand topspin lob over Serena who only had to watch it go up to know it was in, about 16 inches in front of the baseline. Serena applauded lightly. After a let, another service winner by Maria made the score 4-4, with her serve clearly working again. backhand lob animation 31 frames, 922 KB

    The 9th game of the 2nd set was the 2nd longest of the match. Serena, serving, fell behind 15-40, but 2 unforced errors by Maria brought it to deuce. Ad Maria... deuce, ad Serena... deuce, ad Serena--Serena came to net and Maria hit another great running topspin lob winner, this one off her forehand, to take the game to a 4th deuce. Serena did not applaud this time, as she watched the ball land about 3 inches in front of the baseline. Then Serena volleyed the next point into the net, and on break point Serena slipped on the turf, hitting an error wide. The score was 5-4 for Maria. forehand lob animation 51 frames, 1.47 MB

    After falling behind 0-15, Maria hit her 2nd ace of the day while serving for the match. A couple of errors by Serena took her to 40-15. After Maria hit the 1st match point wide, Serena hit the 2nd match point into the net. And Maria, 2004 Wimbledon Champ, ran to hug her dad, and tried to get her mom in the US on her cell phone (although she couldn't make a connection).

    "There is obvious satisfaction in hitting an effective topspin lob. It is tough shot for your opponent to return, and it requires a high degree of stroking expertise, so that you'll feel pleased with your accomplishment. Unfortunately, the skill that's needed for an offensive topspin lob is difficult to obtain. I've been hitting it since I was 10 years old and I still muff the shot from time to time."
     -- Rod Laver, in Tennis Strokes and Strategies

    Maria said: "I never, never in my life expected this to happen so fast. And it's always been my dream to come here and to win. But it was never in my mind that I would do it this year... When I came off the court and I saw my name on that board already with all the champions, that was when I realized that I had just won. And I was trying to look at the trophy and I was trying to see, I mean, it's in my hands, I don't understand, but it's actually in my hands.
    "...the first set was very tough, but I felt throughout the whole set like I was in control. I don't know how I got to that point in the first place. And in the second set, when I lost my serve and I was down 2‑4, I was, like, 'Okay, Maria, get yourself together.' But I pulled it out." interview
BBC Real Video postmatch interview with Maria Sharapova - BBC Real Video final match highlights

    Serena said: "It's definitely good [for tennis] to see some different people [winning grand slams]... I like how [Maria] plays everyone really tough and not just a few players. When I see people that do that, then they definitely have a better look at being a champion." interview - BBC Real Video postmatch interview with Serena Williams

    1977 Wimbledon Champ Virginia Wade said: "The thing I really like about Maria is she is so focused on court - this girl wants to play tennis... She hit behind Serena, hit short angles and down the line - it was a really mature performance... there is still room for improvement in her game - she did not get all that many first serves, though her second serve was very good. But her groundstrokes were fantastic, she moves well, she has great footwork - what else does she have to do? Maybe come to the net a few more times - but that's it. She is just great fun to watch - and her reaction at winning was so lovely."

    Serena converted only 1 of 6 break points, while Maria converted 4 of 10. Serena went to net 9 times, but won the point on only 3 of her approaches. Maria won the point on all 4 of her net approaches. Maria hit 17 winners against 11 unforced errors, while Serena managed just 14 winners, hitting 10 unforced errors. match statistics
serve speeds
S Williams
avg 1st
avg 2nd

    Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams had played just once before, at the NASDAQ-100 earlier this year in Key Biscayne, where Serena won 6-4, 6-3.

    She's got legs: Maria runs and runs without seeming to tire. She is fast; mobile like Venus Williams. Her legs are quick, but her arms are even quicker. Maria waits an extra fraction of a second before hitting the ball, giving her more time to hit it behind her opponent, which she does regularly. She knows where she wants to hit it, like Martina Hingis did, and her placement is excellent. Maria also makes good strong returns of opponents' shots that look like winners. Her serve is very strong, and even her 2nd serve is a weapon-- she hit a 2nd serve ace against Lindsay Davenport. TV tennis authority Mary Joe Fernandez (who spent about a decade in the WTA top 20) has ranked Maria's serve as the 2nd best amongst the Russians, after Nadia Petrova.

    Le Machine: Serena was working at coming to the net more often in the earlier rounds at this Wimbledon, but her high-power baseline game is still all there. So is her serve. She hit a 126 mph serve against Tatiana Golovin in the 4th round on Tuesday, the fastest good serve ever hit by a woman at Wimbledon. But it should be pointed out that although Serena guns a big one sometimes, her average 1st serve speed in the semifinals was less than 3 percent faster than Maria Sharapova's average 1st serve speed-- and Maria's average 2nd serve speed was almost 7 percent faster than Serena's. (And, of course, service velocity is far from being everything.) Serena hits her groundstrokes so hard and so deep that she doesn't have to worry about hitting them behind her opponent-- they cannot return the ball anyway.
    If the Serena that appeared on Centre Court for the final had been the invincible dreadnought, "Le Machine," that people were so fond of saying could not be defeated, then Maria's chances were slim. But the Serena that showed up played like a human being, and Maria Sharapova is the 2004 Wimbledon champion.

    17-year-old Maria Sharapova has now won 4 WTA singles titles in 4 finals Her other wins came 3 weeks ago on the grass at Birmingham, and last year in Tokyo (AIG Japan Open) and Quebec City (where her Final opponent, Milagros Sequera, unfortunately broke an ankle). Miss Sharapova is the 2nd-youngest ladies singles champion in open Wimbledon history-- Martina Hingis was 16 years, 9 months old when she won in 1997. Maria wears Nike and swings Prince MORE Attack S 920 bat. Maria was born in Nyagan, in the Siberian region of Russia, which has a population of about 71,000.

    Maria started playing tennis at age 4, coached by Yuri Yudkin (Yudkin, 67, is currently coaching Maria's 9-year-old cousin Dasha Sharapova). Maria's skills did not go unnoticed--Martina Navratilova reportedly saw Maria playing in a juniors tournament when she was 6 years old.

    Maria and her father Yuri Sharapov flew to Florida (with $700 savings) when Maria was 7 years old, and went directly to Nick Bollettieri's IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida (yes, they were expected). Maria's mother, Yelena, stayed in Russia for two more years because she was unable to obtain a visa.
      click to see larger
Nyagan, Russia

    Maria still has a Bradenton residence. She spends time in California also, where she is coached by Robert Lansdorp. Lansdorp coached Tracy Austin to her 1st US Open title in 1979. Tracy called him "...the most important force in my life for my young tennis career. He was part father, part brother, part tyrant. The perfect coach. He worked us hard, but we also had fun." Lansdorp later coached Lindsay Davenport, whom Maria defeated in their SF on Thursday. Earlier this week, Lindsay said: "He had a huge influence on my game, especially the years I was developing what shots and my strokes... he's been a very important influence on my life. I think he's been the same for Maria."
Maria Sharapova Wallpaper - MariaWorld (many photos) - 2003 interview of Maria

    22-year-old Serena Williams has won 24 WTA singles finals, including 6 Grand Slam tourneys, two of which are the last two Wimbledons. But she has won only 1 tourney since she had surgery last August (to repair a partial tear in the mid-portion of the quadriceps tendon of her left knee). Serena has a huge new contract this year to wear Nike togs (she was formerly of the Puma persuasion) and she chops with a Wilson axe, not the H-Tour preferred by Davenport & Henin-Hardenne, but a Hyper Hammer 6.2 110". Serena, like her sister Venus, is coached by their father Richard Williams.
Serena & Venus Williams Wallpaper - VenusSerenaFans.com (photos & info)

    The main draw for The Championships had 32 seeds, and as with all modern Grand Slam tourneys, there were NO 1st-round byes. There were 12 qualifiers and 8 wild cards in the main draw.
    London time is GMT (UCT, ZULU) + 2 hours (US Pacific Daylight Time +9, EDT +6). Early round play began at 11am local time (2am PT, 5am ET in the US). Wimbledon has the very nice IBM live scoring by points, with statistics.
    Weekday TV coverage in the US began at 7am ET (4am PT) on ESPN2, moving to ESPN at 1pm or Noon ET. Starting Saturday, June 26, coverage began on the ESPNs in the morning, then switched to NBC during the day, and back to the ESPNs again later. The women's final was be on NBC at 9am ET on Saturday, July 3; the men's final at 9am ET on Sunday, July 4.
Full US TV schedule

WTA SCOREBOARD: The Championships at Wimbledon
The Wimbledon Centre Court scoreboard at match point during the 1977 ladies singles semifinal as Virginia Wade defeated Chris Evert, and advanced to defeat Betty Stove in the final, becoming the last British woman to win the singles title at Wimbledon-- a portion of a photo from Virginia's book Courting Triumph, click for book excerpts
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18-year-old British wild card Kate O'Brien practicing for Wimbledon on Tuesday, June 15th,
and Maria Sharapova & Anastasia Myskina practicing at Wimbledon on Sunday, June 20, 2004

Wimbledon, 1st Rd Mon-Thurs June 21-24
loser: 7,230 ($13,212.83 US) 2 points
#3 s2 Anastasia Myskina RUS d #66 Lubomira Kurhajcova SVK 7-5, 6-1

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Anastasia Myskina

    Anastasia was interviewed during Wednesday's rainout. Asked about her 2nd round opponent Aniko Kapros, Anastasia said: "...she's a good girl. She's a great player because she beat couple Russian girls in the past, a couple months ago, Petrova especially in Indian Wells, I remember that. She dangerous on the grass... Groundstroke, it's pretty flat. You know, it's dangerous because you don't really know where she's going to play. But if I will play my best, I think it's going to be good." interview

#4 s4 Amelie Mauresmo FRA v #37 Jelena Kostanic CRO 6-2, 6-3 Thurs
#5 s5 Lindsay Davenport USA d #98 Dally Randriantefy MAD 6-2, 6-1

    Lindsay said: "I was really excited to get out on the court today. It was tough waiting around, but was really relieved when I saw my match was going to be able to get played. I thought I opened up the tournament really well. I played aggressive, felt like I was hitting the ball well, serving well. I mean, I'm really happy with the way things went. interview

*#132 Sandra Kleinova CZE d #6 s6 Elena Dementieva RUS 6-4, 1-6, 6-4 Tues

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Sandra Kleinova

    After the loss, Elena withdrew from the doubles competition, due to left wrist tendinitis. She was partnered with Lina Krasnoroutskaya, and they were seeded 10th.

#7 s7 Jennifer Capriati USA d #43 Claudine Schaul LUX 6-2, 6-2 Thurs

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Jennifer Capriati

    Jennifer said: "I was pleased with the way I played today... it was real windy out there. And you had to really concentrate and move your feet. I felt like I hit a good, clean ball, considering all the wind and the waiting around... I think I was moving well also." interview
    Jennifer is being coached by former Davis Cup captain Tom Gullikson during Wimbledon; although they have no long-term arrangement. Jennifer was coached by Heinz Gunthardt during the clay court season. Gullikson coached Jennifer 14 years ago while he was working for the USTA, and then-14-year-old millionaire Jennifer received his coaching for free, which raised a few eyebrows at the time. No one mentions it anymore...

#8 s3 Venus Williams USA d #109 Marie-Gayanay Mikaelian SUI 6-3, 6-0

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Venus Williams

    Venus said: "I'm always happy to be back. It's so nice. I can play as fast as I want to. Possibly I play even faster here. I don't even have to go for as much placement on my serve. I just hit it." interview

*#117 q Virginie Razzano FRA d #9 s8 Svet. Kuznetsova RUS 6(4)-7, 3-6, 6-4 Tues
#10 s1 Serena Williams USA d #48 Jie Zheng CHN 6-3, 6-1Tues

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Serena Williams

    Serena came to the net 26 times in the 16-game match, very high for her. Serena said: "I'm working on different things, and I think it's important to get that in the first round as opposed to try to work on them in the quarterfinals and semifinals. Then you'll find yourself under too much pressure and making too many mistakes." interview

#11 s9 Paola Suarez ARG d #79 Shenay Perry USA 6-2, 6-4 Thurs
#12 s10 Nadia Petrova RUS d #78 Flavia Pennetta ITA 6-3, 2-6, 6-4 Tues

click for Nadia Petrova news photo search
Nadia Petrova

#13 s11 Ai Sugiyama JPN d #235 wc Amanda Janes GBR 3-6, 6-2, 6-3

click for Ai Sugiyama news photo search
Ai Sugiyama

    Amanda said: "I respect Ai Sugiyama. She played a very good match... But I felt I was close and I could have maybe--I'd liked to have turned things around a bit in that third set, and I find that disappointing. interview

#14 s12 Vera Zvonareva RUS d #87 Samantha Stosur AUS 6-4, 6-4
#15 s13 Maria Sharapova RUS d #120 q Yulia Beygelzimer UKR 6-2, 6-1

click for Sharapova news photo search
Maria Sharapova

#16 s14 Silvia Farina Elia ITA d #107 Shuai Peng CHN 6-0, 6-4 Thurs
#17 s15 Patty Schnyder SUI d #56 Akiko Morigami JPN 6-4, 6-1 Tues

click for Schnyder news photo search
Patty Schnyder

*#63 Katarina Srebotnik SLO d #18 s16 Anna Smashnova-Pistolesi ISR 6-4, 6-3
*#84 Marion Bartoli FRA d #19 s17 Chanda Rubin USA 7-6(5), 6-3 Tues

click for Bartoli news photo search
Marion Bartoli

#20 s18 Francesca Schiavone ITA d #73 Myriam Casanova SUI 3-6, 7-6(4), 6-3 Thurs
*#229 Anne Kremer LUX d #21 s19 Fabiola Zuluaga COL 6-4, 6-3 Thurs
#22 s20 Elena Bovina RUS d #173 q Edina Gallovits ROM 6-2, 6-1Tues
#23 s21 Magdalena Maleeva BUL d #74 Vera Douchevina RUS 6-1, 7-5
*#83 Milagros Sequera VEN d #24 s22 Conchita Martinez ESP 6-4, 7-6(6) Thurs
*#59 Gisela Dulko ARG d #25 s23 Jelena Dokic SCG 6-3, 6-3

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Gisela Dulko

*#69 Virginia Ruano Pascual ESP d #26 s24 Mary Pierce FRA 6-2, 7-5 Thurs

click to see larger
Virginia Ruano Pascual

#27 s25 Nathalie Dechy FRA d #58 Anabel Medina Garrigues ESP 6-3, 6-4 Tues
#28 s26 Lisa Raymond USA d #42 Shinobu Asagoe JPN 6-3, 7-6(4) Thurs
#29 s27 Alicia Molik AUS d #80 Melinda Czink HUN 6-1, 6-4
*#124 q Tatiana Panova RUS d #30 s28 Emilie Loit FRA 6-1, 6-2
*#64 Arantxa Parra Santonja ESP d #31 s29 Dinara Safina RUS 6-0, 2-0 retired Thurs
*#49 Magui Serna ESP d #32 s30 Eleni Daniilidou GRE 6-4, 6-2 Tues
#33 s31 Amy Frazier USA d #88 Maria Kirilenko RUS 6-1, 6-4
#34 s32 Meghann Shaughnessy USA d #96 Marissa Irvin USA 7-6(3), 7-6(0) Tues

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Meghann Shaughnessy

#35 Karolina Sprem CRO d #70 Laura Granville USA 2-6, 6-1, 6-4 started Monday--rain--finished Tues
#36 Maria Vento-Kabchi VEN d #68 Martina Sucha SVK 6-1, 6-0 Tues
*#153 q Nuria Llagostera Vives ESP d #38 Petra Mandula HUN 6-3, 6-3 Tues
*#186 wc Anne Keothavong GBR d #39 Nicole Pratt AUS 6-3, 6-1

click for Keothavong news photo search
Anne Keothavong

    Anne is of Laotian descent. She attended an adidas camp in Phoenix in December, 2003, and former WTA # 1 Martina Hingis was there training players for 10 days. Anne said: "[Martina] was great. She helped all of us girls. She gave a talk, any questions, anything we wanted to ask her, she was happy to answer, just about the tour, how to deal with everything. And she was really good fun. We spent on court with her, off court with her. On court, she's very good. She's still a great player. I mean she pretty much duffed all of us up... Off court, she was really relaxed. Everyone got on well with her. It was just nice to have someone who has been so high, at the top end of the game around to help and talk to us." interview

#40 Elena Likhovtseva RUS d #113 Gala Leon Garcia ESP 6-2, 6-2 Tues
#41 Saori Obata JPN d #116 q Eva Birnerova CZE 4-6, 6-4, 7-5
*#94 Henrieta Nagyova SVK d #44 Lina Krasnoroutskaya RUS 3-6, 6-4, 6-3 Thurs
#45 Kristina Brandi PUR d #51 Iveta Benesova CZE 6-2, 6-0
#46 Aniko Kapros HUN d #102 Mervana Jugic-Salkic BIH 6-4, 2-6, 6-3
*#104 Teryn Ashley USA d #47 Tina Pisnik SLO 2-6, 6-1, 7-5
#50 Tatiana Golovin FRA d #75 Alina Jidkova RUS 6-4, 7-6(4) Thurs

click to see larger
Tatiana Golovin

*#76 Klara Koukalova CZE d #52 Jelena Jankovic SCG 3-6, 6-1, 6-4 Tues
*#111 q Tian Tian Sun CHN d #53 Tathiana Garbin ITA 2-6, 6-0, 6-2 Thurs
#54 Daniela Hantuchova SVK d #91 Samantha Reeves USA 6-1, 6-4 Tues

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Daniela Hantuchova

    Daniela said: "I feel really great and really happy to be back. I have just put totally the last year behind me, and I'm just focused on my future, making sure that I do everything that's in my control to get where I want to be. And everything seems to be in place now... As soon as I started to hit on grass, I had a really good feeling. And it was a little bit of bad luck for me in Birmingham that I got sick and was not able to play. But then when I came to Eastbourne, right after my first match, I said that in the press conference, that I was really pleased the way I was playing. I played couple of practice matches. And I don't think I have lost one. And that gave me a lot of confidence. And I just knew that it was a matter of bringing it to the matches. And that happened last week, and I was really pleased with it." interview

#55 Maria Sanchez Lorenzo ESP d #570 wc Katie O'Brien GBR 6-4, 6-4 started Tues--rain--finished Thurs

click to see larger
Maria Antonia Sanchez Lorenzo<

*#72 Maria Elena Camerin ITA d #57 Anca Barna GER 7-5, 6-2 Tues
#60 Tamarine Tanasugarn THA d #86 Anna-Lena Groenefeld GER 6-2, 6-0 Tues
*#101 Silvija Talaja CRO d #61 Barbora Strycova CZE 6-3, 6-4 Thurs
*#343 wc Elena Baltacha GBR d #62 Marta Marrero ESP 6-1, 6-3 Tues

    Elena said: "...it was such a big win, and it was such a tough match. You know, I was just so nervous about the whole match. I didn't feel comfortable with myself today. You know, to beat someone that high ranked, such a good player, 1-3, that's a great day today." interview

*#71 Denisa Chladkova CZE d #65 Marlene Weingartner GER 6-3, 6-1
#67 Jill Craybas USA d #81 Cara Black ZIM 6-4, 6-3
*#105 Rita Grande ITA d #77 Mara Santangelo ITA 7-5, 7-5 Thurs
#82 Ludmila Cervanova SVK d #85 Barbara Schett AUT 3-6, 6-4, 6-4 Thurs
*#245 wc Jane O'Donoghue GBR d #90 Lindsay Lee-Waters USA 2-6, 6-3, 6-3 Tues

    Jane said: "After the first set, I actually remember sitting down at the change of ends, saying last year it hurt me so badly to lose that match, that there was no way I was going to lose this year. So I just stamped down my authority, starting playing aggressive, started going for it, getting pumped up, which is when my personality comes out. In the end, I loved every minute of it." interview

#92 Els Callens BEL d #114 Ashley Harkleroad USA 6-3, 5-7, 6-4 Thurs
#93 Tatiana Perebiynis UKR d #242 q Christina Wheeler AUS 6-3, 6-2 Thurs
*#140 q Stephanie Foretz FRA d #95 Stephanie Cohen-Aloro FRA 6-1, 6-3 Tues
*#378 wc Emily Webley-Smith GBR d #97 Severine Beltrame FRA 7-6(2), 6-4

click to see larger
Emily Webley-Smith

    Emily said: "I'm really, really excited. It's fantastic for me today. I felt a little bit nervous when I woke up this morning, but mainly just excited to get out there. I think once I did, I played well and put my game on the court. So I'm happy... That's the biggest win of my career. I beat a girl in Eastbourne last week who was similar ranking. But, obviously, in a Grand Slam, it makes a difference." interview

*#149 q Jennifer Hopkins USA d #99 Julia Vakulenko UKR 7-6(5), 6-2 Thurs
*NR wc Martina Navratilova USA d #100 Catalina Castano COL 6-0, 6-1

click for Navratilova news photo search
Martina Navratilova

    Martina said: (to some members of the press) "You guys didn't believe me. Now do you believe me?... I did [enjoy that]. I very much did. I'm focused, I'm concentrating... I think I relaxed when it was six-love, five-love... that's when I finally relaxed and that's what happens, I lose a game... It's great to be out there, great to have that opportunity. I think, you know, when people say, 'Why are you doing it?' I guess the answer is, because I still can, bottom line." interview

Catalina said: "It's almost like playing my Mom." (her mother is 50)

*#115 Emmanuelle Gagliardi SUI d #106 Tara Snyder USA 3-3 retired Tues
#112 Mashona Washington USA d #131 q Angelique Widjaja INA 6-2, 6-1

click for Dulko news photo search
Gisela Dulko during Wednesday's rainout

Wimbledon, 2nd Rd Thur-Fri Jun 24-25
loser: 11,810 ($21,582.78) 32 points
#3 s2 Anastasia Myskina RUS d #46 Aniko Kapros HUN 5-7, 6-2, 6-4 Thurs
#4 s4 Amelie Mauresmo FRA v #149 q Jennifer Hopkins USA 6-3, 6-3 Fri
#5 s5 Lindsay Davenport USA d #45 Kristina Brandi PUR 6-1, 6-0 Thurs
#7 s7 Jennifer Capriati USA d #343 wc Elena Baltacha GBR 6-4, 6-4

click for Capriati news photo search
Jennifer Capriati

    Jennifer said: "I didn't expect [Elena] to play so well. She hit a lot of balls back, and she hit a big serve. I just kept looking at the radar. I was blinking my eyes, 'Are those really coming like 116, 118 there?'" interview

*#35 Karolina Sprem CRO d #8 s3 Venus Williams USA 7-6(5), 7-6(6) Thurs

click for Sprem news photo search
Karolina Sprem

    With Venus leading 2-1 in the 2nd tiebreak, Karolina served a fault on 1st service. Chair Umpire Ted Watts mistakenly called the score as 2-2. Karolina then served a 2nd (86mph) serve into the same (ad) court, and Venus won that point, after which Watts called the score 3-2 for Venus. No one, including Venus and Karolina, pointed out the error to Watts. Venus took a 6-3 lead in the tiebreak before Karolina scored 5 straight points for the victory. Alan Mill, the tournament referee (who makes all decisions regarding rules), said afterward that Watts was clearly in error, but the score must stand. Venus & Serena William's father Richard reportedly sent a note to Watts saying, more or less, we all make mistakes sometimes. Watts was dismissed from umpiring for the remainder of the tourney. story

    Karolina said: "I think that [Venus is] playing great tennis, still. She's great like a person, great like a player... She will do good results for this year, for sure." interview

    Venus said: "I just think [Karolina] played really well. She deserved to win." interview
    Asked if she thought about questioning the score, Venus said: "Yes, but I didn't want to lose my focus. At the time, I felt that maybe I had lost track, or couldn't be sure. I thought I remembered her having only one serve, but then again, it's a long time ago now..."

#10 s1 Serena Williams USA d #140 q Stephanie Foretz FRA 6-0, 6-4 Fri

click for Serena Williams news photo search
Serena Williams

#11 s9 Paola Suarez ARG d #92 Els Callens BEL 6-2, 6-2 Fri

click for Paola Suarez news photo search
Paola Suarez

#12 s10 Nadia Petrova RUS d #36 Maria Vento-Kabchi VEN 6-3, 3-6, 6-2 Fri
#13 s11 Ai Sugiyama JPN d #76 Klara Koukalova CZE 6-4, 6-4 Thurs
#14 s12 Vera Zvonareva RUS d #41 Saori Obata JPN 6-1, 6-4 Thurs
#15 s13 Maria Sharapova RUS d #186 wc Anne Keothavong GBR 6-4, 6-0 Thurs

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Maria Sharapova

    Maria said: "...from correcting my mistakes in the first set, I played pretty solid in the second, and I was able to dictate many of the points in the second set. But the first set was definitely tough. [Anne] definitely came up and played some great tennis out there." interview

#16 s14 Silvia Farina Elia ITA d #101 Silvija Talaja CRO 6-3, 6-3 Fri
*#115 Emmanuelle Gagliardi SUI d #17 s15 Patty Schnyder SUI 2-6, 7-6(4), 6-2 Fri
*#50 Tatiana Golovin FRA d #20 s18 Francesca Schiavone ITA 6-1, 6-0 Fri

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Tatiana Golovin

*#54 Daniela Hantuchova SVK d #22 s20 Elena Bovina RUS walkover abdominal strain
#23 s21 Magdalena Maleeva BUL d #67 Jill Craybas USA 6-2, 6-3 Thurs
#27 s25 Nathalie Dechy FRA d #55 Maria Sanchez Lorenzo ESP 6-1, 6-1 Fri
*#82 Ludmila Cervanova SVK d #28 s26 Lisa Raymond USA 6-4, 6-3 Fri

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Ludmila Cervanova

#29 s27 Alicia Molik AUS d #104 Teryn Ashley USA 7-5, 6-4 Thurs
#33 s31 Amy Frazier USA d #378 wc E Webley-Smith GBR 6-2, 3-6, 8-6 Thurs
#34 s32 Meghann Shaughnessy USA d #153 q Nuria Llagostera Vives 6-4, 4-6, 10-8 started Thurs--finished Fri

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Meghann Shaughnessy

*#117 q Virginie Razzano FRA d #40 Elena Likhovtseva RUS 6-1, 6-2 Fri
#49 Magui Serna ESP d #245 wc Jane O'Donoghue GBR 6-3, 6-3 Fri
#59 Gisela Dulko ARG d NR wc Martina Navratilova USA 3-6, 6-3, 6-3 Thurs

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Gisela Dulko

    Gisela said: "[Martina] is another player here. She have the serve and volley that is unbelievable. Was very difficult for me at the beginning... And I couldn't pass her really well. But then I start to play better, to pass her better. I start to use angles and to make her volley a little bit... she was serving very good the first serve. And the second serve was with slice and was very difficult for me to put my return in. interview

#60 Tamarine Tanasugarn THA d #132 Sandra Kleinova CZE 6-3, 6-3 Thurs
*#71 Denisa Chladkova CZE d #63 Katarina Srebotnik SLO 7-6(5), 6-0 Thurs
*#105 Rita Grande ITA d #64 Arantxa Parra Santonja ESP 5-7, 6-2, 6-3 Fri
#69 Virginia Ruano Pascual ESP d #94 Henrieta Nagyova SVK 6-4, 6-4 Fri
*#84 Marion Bartoli FRA d #72 Maria Elena Camerin ITA 6-3, 6-3 Thurs
*#93 Tatiana Perebiynis UKR d #83 Milagros Sequera VEN 6-2, 7-5 Fri
*#229 SR? Anne Kremer LUX d #111 q Tian Tian Sun CHN 6-3, 7-5 Fri
*#124 q Tatiana Panova RUS d #112 Mashona Washington USA 6-3, 6-4 Thurs

Wimbledon, 3rd Rd Fri-Sun Jun 25-27
loser: 19,510 ($35,654.53) 56 points
*#33 s31 Amy Frazier USA d #3 s2 Anastasia Myskina RUS 4-6, 6-4, 6-4 Fri

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Amy Frazier

    Amy said: "I'm happy with the way I played. So it was good [smiling]... I really don't think about winning or losing before a match or before a tournament... You have to go out and play each match. And my goal is always to hopefully play the best I can." interview

    Anastasia said: "I was [moving] pretty slowly today. I didn't move as well as I should move. And I think I just deserved to lose this match because I wasn't really ready to win. Amy was playing pretty good, I think, and she really want to win the match... [Next year] it's going to be less points to defend, so I'm going to be completely free to play here, and I'm going to feel comfortable... if you can win a French Open, why not Wimbledon? You just have to prepare right. I mean, it's different surface, different game. Serve is really important, and my serve wasn't that good today." interview

#4 s4 Amelie Mauresmo FRA d #82 Ludmila Cervanova SVK 6-1, 6-4 Sun

    Amelie said: "Perfect first set. Then I got into a little bit of trouble in that second set where my serve went down a little bit and I wasn't so effective as I was in the first set. But, you know, happy to play today and go through this one. That's the most important thing. interview

#5 s5 Lindsay Davenport USA d #124 q Tatiana Panova RUS 6-2, 6-1 Fri
#7 s7 Jennifer Capriati USA d #27 s25 Nathalie Dechy FRA 7-5, 6-1 Sun

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Jennifer Capriati

    Jennifer said: "The first set was a little bit tough, but I stuck in there. It was a little bit of a test. Then I just really played well in the second set when I got going." interview
    About playing Nadia Petrova in the 4th round, Jennifer said: "[I'll] just keep doing what I've been doing, just to try to take the initiative right off the bat and use my power and my groundstrokes, keep feeling confident to come to the net. I think [Nadia will] be trying a lot of that, so, you know, it's important for to me just not let her do that, and to keep serving and returning well."

#10 s1 Serena Williams USA d #49 Magui Serna ESP 6-4, 6-0 Sun

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Serena Williams

    Serena said: "[Magui is] very tricky. I'm really feeling really satisfied with my movement because especially in the second set she was hitting the slice. But I started adding the spin and really actually playing grass court tennis instead of clay court or hard court. I was beginning to come to the net a little bit more. I was pretty excited about it. So I'm getting better each round." interview

#11 s9 Paola Suarez ARG d #229 SR? Anne Kremer LUX 6-1, 4-6, 6-0 Sun

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Paola Suarez

#12 s10 Nadia Petrova RUS d #93 Tatiana Perebiynis UKR 7-6(5), 6-2 Sun

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Nadia Petrova

#13 s11 Ai Sugiyama JPN d #84 Marion Bartoli FRA 6-1, 6-2 Fri
#14 s12 Vera Zvonareva RUS d #59 Gisela Dulko ARG 6-4, 6-2 Fri

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Vera Zvonareva

#15 s13 Maria Sharapova RUS d #54 Daniela Hantuchova SVK 6-3, 6-1 Fri

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Maria Sharapova

    Asked about her start in tennis in Siberia, Maria said: "I started when I was four years old. But the interest, I always loved to compete, anything. If there were kids out, I would tell them, 'Okay, let's play, we got to play.' I hated hitting doing the drills, I hated hitting ball after ball, I just wanted to play, I just wanted to compete." interview

    Maria came to the US at age 7 (with her father) to enroll in Nick Bollettieri's IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida.

#16 s14 Silvia Farina Elia ITA d #69 Virginia Ruano Pascual ESP 2-6, 6-4, 7-5 started Sun--finished Mon

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Silvia Farina Elia

#23 s21 Magdalena Maleeva BUL d #71 Denisa Chladkova CZE 7-5, 6-3 Sun

click to see larger
Maggie Maleeva

*#60 Tamarine Tanasugarn THA d #29 s27 Alicia Molik AUS 6-2, 6-4 Fri

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Tammy Tanasugarn

*#35 Karolina Sprem CRO d #34 s32 Meghann Shaughnessy USA 7-6(5), 7-6(2) Sun

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Karolina Sprem

    Karolina said: [Meghann] was playing well. She was serving well. She was return well. She's also one of [the] great players. She was serving well and I was having problem with this. And I didn't know what to do. But I was just focused in my match and I was focused on the next point, I think. So that was the key... But she was all the time in the match. interview

#50 Tatiana Golovin FRA v #115 Emmanuelle Gagliardi SUI 6-3, 2-6, 6-3 started Sun--finished Mon

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Tatiana Golovin
  click to see larger
Emmanuelle Gagliardi

    Tatiana said: "I'm happy about my match today. It was definitely very tough considering we had to stop yesterday. So the night was kind of rough. So it was tough mentally, but I got through it. I'm excited to go play Serena tomorrow." interview

#105 Rita Grande ITA d #117 q Virginie Razzano FRA 6-4, 4-6, 6-3 Sun

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Rita Grande

Wimbledon, 4th Rd, Mon-Tues Jun 28-29
loser: 35,850 ($65,515.88) 90 points
#4 s4 Amelie Mauresmo FRA d #16 s14 Silvia Farina Elia ITA 7-5, 6-3 Tues
#5 s5 Lindsay Davenport USA d #14 s12 Vera Zvonareva RUS 6-4, 6-4 Mon

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Lindsay Davenport

    Reporters told Lindsay that Vera became very upset when, after Vera was up a break, Lindsay broke her to get back on serve at 3-2. Lindsay said: "[Vera] does have a temper. I didn't know she was so emotional. I didn't realize she was doing that [crying] today. But I think she's still young. I mean, I think she's fast, she hits the ball well, and if she keeps improving, I think she'll do well." interview

#7 s7 Jennifer Capriati USA d #12 s10 Nadia Petrova RUS 6-4, 6-4 Tues

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Jennifer Capriati

    Jennifer said: "I served well and returned well enough... tried to keep the balls long, deep. And then also I did mix it up where [Nadia was] having trouble with coming in and hitting, playing short balls. But she's really good side to side." interview
    About her quarterfinal opponent, Serena Williams, Jennifer said: "obviously [Serena] has a good serve, great serve, one of the best and hardest in the women's game. She hits the ball big off both sides--probably harder than most... she's a tremendous athlete. I guess we just both have that aggressive style... we have maybe that little bit extra that the other girls don't have, to get that extra umpf basically on the shots."

#10 s1 Serena Williams USA d #50 Tatiana Golovin FRA 6-2, 6-1 Tues

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Serena Williams

    Serena set a Wimbledon women's record with a 126 mph serve. Serena said: "It was definitely the biggest I've ever hit. I was excited. I was like, 'Yeah!'" interview
    About her quarterfinal opponent, Jennifer Capriati, Serena said: "I think she's a great athlete. You don't see many athletes like that. She can hit any ball at any spot and make it... I never had a problem with Jennifer ever... it was a particular commentator, for a fact, an American commentator lady that said ‑ but I won't mention any names ‑ but she said that 'You can just see that they don't like each other.' It was really never [that way]... when I was younger, I used to watch [Jennifer], and I admired her being able to come back, do so well, win those Grand Slams. You can really see now that she's really happy and she's enjoying herself out there."

#11 s9 Paola Suarez ARG d #105 Rita Grande ITA 4-6, 6-0, 6-2 Tues

    Paola said: "[Fan suppport is] really important for us when we are on the court....in the third set, I was really tired today because I run a lot. When you can listen the people say your name, it's good for us." interview

#13 s11 Ai Sugiyama JPN d #60 Tamarine Tanasugarn THA 6-3, 7-5 Mon

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Ai Sugiyama

#15 s13 Maria Sharapova RUS d #33 s31 Amy Frazier USA 6-4, 7-5 Mon

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Maria Sharapova

    Maria said: "[Amy] definitely played a great match, and she made me work for it until the last point. I was very relieved because knowing that she just beat a No. 2 seed, a French Open champion, she must be in good form. That really showed today. I had to fight through it. What can I say? It wasn't easy. interview

*#35 Karolina Sprem CRO d #23 s21 Magdalena Maleeva BUL 6-4, 6-4 Mon

    Karolina said: "...yesterday I twist my ankle on the practice with Maleeva, before the match with Shaughnessy. I didn't sleep well. I have pain. Today I was like nervous. I was want to finish this match the fast as what I can because I was feeling a little bit pain. I didn't sleep well. But it's okay. I didn't play so well, like I was playing against Venus and yesterday against Shaughnessy. I didn't serve well, 51%. But it's good and I'm happy that I was win this match. interview

Wimbledon, QFs, Tues-Weds Jun 29-30
loser: 68,540 ($125,256.85) 162 points
#4 s4 Amelie Mauresmo FRA d #11 s9 Paola Suarez ARG 6-0, 5-7, 6-1 Weds career matches: tied 2-2

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Amelie Mauresmo

    Amelie said: "I'm playing some good tennis, very aggressive, going to the net, going forward. And it pays off. So, you know, hopefully I'll keep going. It's another tough match tomorrow against Serena. She seemed to play very well today."

    Paola said: "...in the second set, I was just playing, not thinking about the 6-Love or whatever. I just play. I say, 'Okay, I try to change some things, to play better, to be a little bit more aggressive.' And worked to me. And then in the third set, was 2-1, 40-15 for me with my serve, and I lost that game. And I think Amelie start to play better. And she serve really well today."

#5 s5 Lindsay Davenport USA d #35 Karolina Sprem CRO 6-2, 6-2 Tues

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Lindsay Davenport

    Lindsay said: "[Karolina is] very young, can obviously play great tennis. I thought I handled the situation very well. Got on top of her early in both sets and didn't really allow her to ever really dictate play too much... just really kept the pressure on her, I felt." interview
    About her semifinal against Maria Sharapova, Lindsay said: "It's going to be a good match‑up. [Maria] serves well and hits big groundstrokes. So I hopefully look to take her out of that. I'd like to be able to serve well and serve a lot of consistent first serves, if I can, and try and keep the balls hard and deep and not let her get... the offensive."
    About her former and Maria's current coach, Lindsay said: "Robert Lansdorp doesn't get a ton of credit for the players that worked with him. Pete [Sampras] worked with him for a bit. I worked with him from about 9 to maybe 14. He had a huge influence on my game, especially the years I was developing what shots and my strokes. He's the one that really molded my game in that regard. Other people then took me on to the professional level, but he's been a very important influence on my life. I think he's been the same for Maria. Although I think she also goes to Bollettieri's and maybe a couple other people. He's a great guy and one that's always had a special place in my life. Still a really big fan of his."

*#10 s1 Serena Williams USA d #7 s7 Jennifer Capriati USA 6-1, 6-1 Weds career matches: Serena leads 10-6

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Serena Williams

    Serena said: "...when you play Jennifer, you've got to come out really strong. I mean, since I've been playing her, I've been trying to come out strong, and I always seem to come out slow. So that's what I just tried to do, was really come out strong and smokin'... I was able to retrieve a lot of balls that she hit really deep... I was really wanting to stay focused because I know she's the type of player that really she never gives up and she'll want to try to come back."

    Jennifer said: "She just played too good today...I don't think I really had much of a chance to get into the match and play. I was just feeling so much pressure from her coming off the baseline, the serve... her game plan was was to tee off on everything, and she was on, not to let me in it at all."

*#15 s13 Maria Sharapova RUS d #13 s11 Ai Sugiyama JPN 5-7, 7-5, 6-1 Tues

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Maria Sharapova

    Maria said: "...the first two sets [Ai] got some amazing balls that usually with other people would be winners 10 balls ago. But she makes you play ball after ball after ball. Especially on grass when it's so fast, sometimes you don't expect these things to happen. It's not like we're playing on clay where I know that everything is going to come back. But she just played amazing. Everything she got, she hit a very good shot out of it. I mean, it was so consistent that just ball after ball after ball, her balls are so deep that sometimes I try to do a little bit more extra because I knew that is what it would take to actually win the point. Sometimes I think I tried to do a little too much. I was a little unlucky in the first set where some of the balls just missed by few inches. It happened with a few points.
    You know, somehow I just got into my game. I didn't really change anything except I served a lot better in the third set... it seemed easy, the third set, but it really wasn't because I had to fight for it, even on her serve." interview

    Ai said: "[Maria was] playing really aggressive whole match. Then I tried to be aggressive. But her serves and return were too deep or too good. Then it's kind of hard to be aggressive on that." interview

Wimbledon, SFs, Thurs Jul 1
loser: 135,560 ($247,735.90) 292 points
*#15 s13 Maria Sharapova RUS d #5 s5 Lindsay Davenport USA 2-6, 7-6(5), 6-1 career matches: Maria leads 1-0

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Maria Sharapova

    The match was stopped by rain after just two points had been played, at 15-15 in the 1st game. Play resumed after a delay of almost 30 minutes, and Lindsay quickly took the 1st set 6-2, then immediately went up a break in the second. But play was again stopped by rain with the score 2-1, Lindsay to serve. 52 minutes later play again resumed, and Lindsay held serve to go up 3-1. Then Maria got into the match. Maria took the 2nd set tiebreak 7-5 on her 3rd set point with a backhand winner down the line. Then she dominated the 3rd set, winning it 6-1 in 33 minutes.
    Maria hit winners on 46 of the 203 points played, 23 percent. Maria hit unforced errors on 25 of the points, just 12 percent. Lindsay hit 26 winners and 17 unforced errors while winning 99 points to Maria's 104. match statistics

serve speeds
avg 1st
avg 2nd

    Maria said: "In the first set, [Lindsay's] serve was just too good. There was not much I could do. In the second set, I slowly started to make her hit that second ball... I was just concentrated on the point by point. I don't know. I got it. Especially in the tiebreak, I wanted it so bad, that I just gave it my all... I just hung in there. I just kept believing in myself. I did everything I could to win, and I was just fighting... Getting to the final of Wimbledon, my favourite tournament, is just amazing." story

    This may have been 1999 champ Lindsay's last Wimbledon before retirement [in fact, Lindsay continued playing through the 2006 season]. Lindsay said: "...in the second set I had a few chances and I felt like every time [Maria] came up with the goods, whether it was big first serves on breakpoints or just big shots. I had a few break opportunities, like one maybe at 4‑All, one at 5‑All. Both times I think I got aced and unreturnables... when we came back from the rain delay at 2‑1... she definitely stepped up her game and really from that point on was more in control of the match than I was... she started to serve much better, and unfortunately I started to serve a lot worse. You know, just slowly began to change the momentum... I've had great memories out there. It was a tough loss to take, but I lost to someone who rose to the challenge today. I don't feel like I gave the match away at all." interview

*#10 s1 Serena Williams USA d #4 s4 Amelie Mauresmo FRA 6(4)-7, 7-5, 6-4 career matches: Serena leads 7-1

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Serena Williams
    Serena hit winners on 44 of the 232 points played, 19 percent. Serena hit unforced errors on 42 of the points, 18 percent. Amelie hit 27 winners and 36 unforced errors while winning 112 points to Serena's 120. match statistics

serve speeds
avg 1st
avg 2nd

    Serena said: "This is definitely the most special moment in my career... I'm really excited to be in the final because it's been a tough year... I think it was the toughest match we've had. I just tried to fight for every point. It feels like I'm playing good tennis. I'm finally back." story

    Amelie said: "Probably the fact that I couldn't serve well in the third set made it a little easier for her but I don't think its mental... In these matches it's just a couple of points here or there. I was a break up in the second set and couldn't hold my serve... In Paris [where she lost to Elena Dementieva] I didn't play my game or give 100%, I was too tense. I feel I come off the court here having played some great tennis. I've improved a lot and I'm going to get there."

Wimbledon, Final, Sat Jul 3
loser: 280,250 ($512,156.87) 456 points
title: 560,000 ($1,023,400.00) 650 pts
*#15 s13 Maria Sharapova RUS d #10 s1 Serena Williams USA 6-1, 6-4 career matches: tied 1-1

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Maria Sharapova
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Maria Sharapova & Serena Williams

Wimbledon, Qualifying Finals Thurs June 17
losers' prize: 4,600 ($8,406.50 US)
*#153 Nuria Llagostera Vives ESP d #103 Roberta Vinci ITA 2-6, 7-6(2), 6-1
*#124 Tatiana Panova RUS d #110 Sofia Arvidsson SWE 2-6, 6-4, 6-1
#111 Tian Tian Sun CHN d #427 Barbara Schwartz AUT 6(3)-7, 7-5, 6-3
#112 Mashona Washington USA d #157 Vilmarie Castellvi PUR 6-3, 2-6, 6-2
#116 Eva Birnerova CZE d #125 Alexandra Stevenson USA 7-6(7), 7-6(4)
#117 Virginie Razzano FRA d #147 Maret Ani EST 6-3, 6-4
*#140 Stephanie Foretz FRA d #119 Barbara Rittner GER 7-5, 6-2
#120 Yulia Beygelzimer UKR d #138 Antonella Serra Zanetti ITA 6-3, 6-1
#131 Angelique Widjaja INA d #154 Eugenia Linetskaya RUS 4-6, 7-6(8), 6-1
*#242 Christina Wheeler AUS d #135 Tzipora Obziler ISR 6-4, 6-3
#149 Jennifer Hopkins USA d #200 Jarmila Gajdosova SVK 6-4, 6-3
#173 Edina Gallovits ROM d #209 Mi-Ra Jeon KOR 6-1, 4-6, 8-6

Wimbledon, Doubles Final, Sun Jul 4
loser: 100,000 ($182,750.00)
champ: 200,000 ($365,500.00)
s6 Cara Black & Rennae Stubbs d s5 Ai Sugiyama & Liezel Huber 6-3, 7-6(5)

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Cara Black & Rennae Stubbs

Wimbledon, Mx Doubles Final, Sun Jul 4
loser: 45,000 ($82,237.50)
champ: 90,000 ($164,475.00)
Cara Black & Wayne Black d Alicia Molik & Todd Woodbridge 3-6, 7-6(8), 6-4

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Wayne Black & Cara Black

Wimbledon, Girls Singles Final, Jul 4
s6 Katerina Bondarenko UKR d s3 Ana Ivanovic SCG 6-4, 6(2)-7, 6-2

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Katerina Bondarenko

Wimbledon, Girls Doubles Final, Jul 4
s3 Viktoria Azarenka & Volha Havartsova BLR d s4 Marina Erakovic NZL & Monica Niculescu ROM 6-4, 3-6, 6-4

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Viktoria Azarenka & Volha Havartsova

Wimbledon, Withdrawals/Non-entries
#1 Justine Henin-Hardenne BEL rest and recovery
#2 Kim Clijsters BEL left wrist tendonitis
#87 Maja Matevzic SLO
#89 Amanda Coetzer RSA rest and recovery
#137 Iroda Tulyaganova UZB right elbow-- injured last year
NR Monica Seles USA left foot stress fracture

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Maria Sharapova at the Wimbledon Ball on Sunday, July 4th

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"Why don't my dishes ever get so clean?"

    The Wimbledon women's singles trophy is known as the "Rosewater Dish" or the "Venus Rosewater Dish". It was first awarded when the Challenge Round (in which the previous year's champ would play only 1 match, against a challenger who played their way throught the draw) was introduced in 1886. Since women's competition at Wimbledon began in 1884, only Miss Maude E.E. Watson, who won in 1884 & 1885, but lost in the 1886 Challenge Round, missed out on it (the Challenge Round was abolished in 1922; since then all winners have had to play through the draw--although sometimes with early-round byes).

    The trophy, a copy of a pewter original in the Louvre, was made in 1864 out of sterling silver, partially gilded. Stamped in the center a figure of Temperance, seated on a chest with a lamp in her right hand and a jug in her left, and other objects around her. Around this are 4 other classical gods, together with elements. Around the rim Minerva is shown presiding over the seven Liberal Arts: Astrology, Geometry, Arithmetic, Music, Rhetoric, Dialectic and Grammar.

    It is not surprising that Maria would find these images ponderous; anybody would. There are no pics of Suzanne Lenglen or Helen Wills anywhere, and it is not autographed by Maureen Connolly. But all three of them held it for a while. Since 1949, the winner has been given an 8" replica to keep, which doesn't take up too much space unless you have 9 of them like Martina Navratilova.

from Ladies of the Court by Michael Mewshaw, (pages 122-123):

    Years ago the Competitor's Lounge at Wimbledon had, in theory, been the sacrosanct preserve of players and their guests. But, in practice, it had always been a throbbing hive of hustlers, racquet dealers, clothing reps, agents, tournament directors, assorted groupies, gofers, and camp followers. Now journalists had access to this sanctuary. Flashing a special forty-five minute permit, I passed the guard at the door and, during yet another rain delay, climbed the stairs to the third floor and stopped at the Prize Money Office, where a woman cheerfully explained her job.
    Once a player lost, he or she popped in here to pick up a check. A player's agent or manager could collect prize money, but only with written permission. "Even though we know, for example, that Ion Tiriac is Boris Becker's manager, we have to have it in writing before we'll hand over Becker's money," the woman said.
    "What if the players want cash?" I asked.
    "Then they carry the check to the bank here on the grounds."
    "Do you deduct U.K. taxes?"
    Indeed she did. Foreigners paid a flat 25% on their winnings, but they received a 150 per diem exclusion before British taxes bit into their purse. The Prize Money Office also deducted WTA dues and fines for code violations. Although it sounded complicated, she assured me that "because of computers, we can get a player in and out in thirty or forty seconds. That's a lot different from the old days." She smiled sweetly. "Now I'm afraid I can't say anything else."
    "Do you ever get any strange requests?"
    The smile never faltered. "Lots, but I'm not allowed to tell you."

from Hard Courts by John Feinstein (page 306):

    Nothing in tennis can match the tension of day one at Wimbledon.
    Everyone is tight, nervous, and ready to explode with pent-up energy. The other Grand Slams are very important; Wimbledon is history... Only at Wimbledon does Centre Court stay empty from the day of the final until the Saturday before the tournament begins the next year.
    Only at Wimbledon do you walk underneath the huge sign over the door leading to Centre Court, which quotes Rudyard Kipling: "If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat these two imposters the same."...
    ...The weather in England is almost always rotten. Rain cuts practice time, as does a lack of practice courts. At Wimbledon, practice time on the sixteen outside courts is limited to thirty minutes at a time--unless two seeded players are practicing together. Then, they can get an hour. The adjacent practice courts at Aorangi Park (so named because the land was once owned by the government of New Zealand) are not as tight, but still tough to come by. By the time the tournament begins, people are a little tired, a little homesick, frequently frustrated, and very, very nervous.

from Hard Courts by John Feinstein (page 306):

    Wimbledon's qualifying tournament is not played at Wimbledon, it is played at the Bank of England tennis club, at Roehampton, about eight miles from the All England Club.
    Everyone who has played there--and almost everyone has at some point--will tell you that the toughest tennis tournament in the world is the one at Roehampton. "There is nothing in the world farther from Wimbledon than Roehampton," John McEnroe once said. "You survive there, you're a hell of a tennis player."
    ...There are sixteen courts at Roehampton. Unlike the pampered, protected courts at Wimbledon, they are in constant use--and it shows. There are brown patches everywhere--or, to be accurate, green patches on the brown--and after it rains, players would be well advised to show up wearing cleats rather than sneakers.
    ...When the players arrive at Roehampton, they report to the referee's tent to sign in; then they await court assignments. Waiting for their matches to be called, most kill the time sitting on a large, grassy knoll serves as both the players' and the umpires' lounge. The P.A. system is the focal point of all life at Roehampton. Announcements calling players and umpires to their courts, paging people to the telephone, seeking drivers to take players back to hotels, or updating schedules can be heard around the grounds all day long.
    The P.A. is just one of a number of distractions players must deal with while they are playing. Admission to Roehampton is free; there are no ushers and no security...
    ...the atmosphere is not the kind tennis players are accustomed to--people talking and laughing while strolling past the courts... if one wants to qualify for Wimbledon, one has to earn it.
    Roehampton is both a launching pad and a graveyard...

    (June 16) The 32 singles and 16 doubles seeds (for the 128 player draw) for Wimbledon were announced on Wednesday. # 10 Serena Williams is seeded 1st in singles; # 8 Venus Williams is seeded 3rd; apart from the Williams sisters, the seeds follow this weeks rankings. Never before have players returning from injury been given such preferential treatment so long after resuming play (only rarely have any other players received advanced seeds).

    Opinion: Serena has been playing since March, and has said she is healthy, and has lost to Jennifer Capriati twice and Nadia Petrova once. Venus has lost this year to Lisa Raymond, Svetlana Kuznetsova, and Anastasia Myskina. The other players whose seeds are affected by the Williams getting favored should be quite irate.
    Prior to the 2002 US Open, such advanced seedings were almost unheard of. At the 2002 US Open, # 9 Lindsay Davenport, who had been off the tour for 6 months with a knee injury, was seeded 4th. But, strangely enough, # 8 Martina Hingis, who had been off the tour during a similar period following surgery for torn ligaments, was seeded 9th. Martina had been ranked # 3 prior to her injury.
    These advanced seedings are made at the recommendation of the WTA. It looks like they are favoring American players. The WTA should avoid this appearance of bias.

    (June 16) - Martina Navratilova will play in the singles main draw at Wimbledon.

    "I'd like to play another two years, through the Olympics in 1992. I need goals. I think as I get closer to another Wimbledon, a shot at the tenth one, I'll get more excited. It's really a question of whether the old body can hold up a while longer."
   Martina Navratilova, September 1990

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