Tennis Articles & Tennis Book Excerpts:
Tennis Articles 1946 TIME articles on:
   Pauline Betz, Doris Hart, Bev. Baker, Gussie Moran
Maureen Connolly in 1951 & 1952 TIME

Tennis History Book Excerpts:
Tennis by Helen Wills
  9 sketches by Helen, Lenglen v Mallory 1921, Wimbledon 1927...
Chrissie: My Own Story by Chris Evert players, Wimbledon '76...
Courting Triumph by Virginia Wade US Open '68, Wimbledon '77...
A Long Way, Baby by Grace Lichtenstein on Rosemary Casals
Monica by Monica Seles & My Aces, My Faults by Nick Bollettieri:
   2 versions of Monica at Bradenton
Tough Draw by Eliot Berry on Nick Bollettieri
Beyond Center Court by Tracy Austin
The Game by Jack Kramer on Pauline Betz, Gussie Moran...
Hard Courts by John Feinstein on Mary Carillo, John McEnroe & more
Ladies of the Court by M Mewshaw on Mary Joe Fernandez, more

Evonne!: On the Move
  by Evonne Goolagong
Court On Court
  by Margaret Smith Court
Courting Danger
  by Alice Marble
Tennis Styles & Stylists
  by P Metzler pre-'60s greats
The Goddess and the American Girl
  by Larry Englemann on Suzanne Lenglen and Helen Wills
The Courts of Babylon by Peter Bodo:
  Tournament Draws - Dawn of the Pro Tours

Tennis Instruction Book Excerpts:
Lawn Tennis by Suzanne Lenglen on forehands & footwork
Top Flite Tennis by Mary K. Browne on Suzanne Lenglen's tactics
Power Tennis by Maureen Connolly How I Learned & Strategy
Tennis For Anyone! by Sarah Palfrey tactics, Althea Gibson twist pics
My Life and Game by Bjorn Borg on topspin
How to Play Tougher Tennis by Jimmy Connors
Tennis Strokes and Strategies by Rod Laver & Doris Hart
Tennis by Pancho Gonzales on strategy & tactics
The Handbook of Tennis by Paul Douglas how rackets are made
High Tech Tennis by Jack Groppel string tension, more
Tennis Science for Tennis Players by Howard Brody